I must admit, I felt a little weird writing the first post as it was all about me. How boring? However there is something a little more exciting (maybe just for me) and super new to share with you all today!

I wrote a little piece for the wonderful Print & Press not so long ago, about another one of my obsessions, planning. I am one of those terrible people who enjoys planning and planners more than actually doing.

That being said, after reading my first draft Print & Press extended their invitation and asked me to create a couple of printable planners. I cannot tell you how much I loved making them (these planners are still available to download for free here).

Ah, it was so much fun and the feedback was ever so lovely. Which led me to have a proper go. I have added (as of right now 30/4/17) a Downloads tab to my website where you can help yourself to my new fancy weekly planners.

cf 2 a .jpg
cf 2 b .jpg

If you follow my work through platforms such as Instagram, you will see that this is nothing like my usual/current work. Which is why I added the downloads tab, I wanted/needed to keep it separate.

Those who are familiar with my very early work (university) will know I was very much a fan of graphic bold and colourful prints. That love is still there, just not as yet connected to my current body of work nor my research.

cf 2 c .jpg


I found myself experimenting with different prints to get the composition for these planners just right, some more successful as than other. The two collections available are products of this.

I decided to offer these as digital downloads only as they do not fit with my the collection I am working on. That being said  *exclusive* I do have physical planners printed awaiting my launch at New Designers this year alongside some really lovely new bits and bobs I am so excited to share.

cf 2 D .jpg

Have a look see, download, print out, scribble on it and please do let me know what you think!