Creativity and Routine.

A whole week has past and I actually remembered to post again. They say things become habit when repeated regularly, it maybe a little early at blog post three to hope for this but that’s exactly what I am doing, hoping.

As mentioned in last weeks post and every conversation I have with myself, I am someone who plans obsessively. I am a planner. I think this comes from a need of routine and ritual. Sundays are my day of regularity. Sundays for me consist of planning the week ahead, family dinner and now blog posting.

I touched upon it briefly in the last post but the whole idea and motivation behind this blog is to actively share my work on a more regular basis. Setting myself this goal of sharing so publicly, I hope (again always hoping), will be the kick I need and potentially be an interesting read.

That being said, in this post I would like to share a little insight to my creative process. It has been a long and tedious journey to find my ‘method’ and to be honest it will continue to be. What you’re never told in any creative venture, is that no one can really show you how to design or how to make. They can only share the essential tools to do so.  *Exploration is experimental, as is creativity.*


I realised pretty early on how much I need to document my progression, for me that has always been in a sketchbook. I am a sketchbook fiend. I fully need it, without a sketchbook or more importantly without using a sketchbook I am completely lost.

cf 2 b .jpg

My work explores many different areas of study, working in a sketchbook keeps a thread on consistency to my work, even if I can not see it myself. My method of working usually starts with some weird sense of needing to make or be creative. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere and even more so when you’re just doing rather than thinking.

Everything I create comes from the need to create a visual response to what I am researching. It would be fair to say that without the strong connection making has to my research my attention would drift.

My Creative Cycle.

My creative process starts and ends in the same place, in fact it never ends. It is a continuous cycle of exploration, excitement, a little self doubt with lots of trial and error along the way.

I use my trusty sketchbook for recording inspirational quotes, my feelings towards them, sketches as well as theory. I see it as a safe place for facts to meet my own words. Sketchbooks are super personal, there is no set way of using them. I must admit I tend to write a little more than most in my sketchbook, funny enough my hand writing seems to change completely. It becomes just as important and, funny enough, as visual as my doodles.

I never draw or read with a specific design/product in mind. I just play. There is no science to it, I just draw until something happens. My practice is a hybrid of hand rendered experimentation and designing digitally. Maybe the reason I adore my sketchbook so much is because I can be so free with it all before evolving my ideas into actual designs.

I absolutely adored hearing all the wonderful comments after I posted/launched my downloadable planners last week, even nicer I received a couple of photos of them actually in use. So thank you so much for that!