J U N E 2 0 1 7

What a totally manic couple of months. It looks like my weekly commitment to sharing creative content was a total over stretch.

Nevertheless here I am again, with so much to share that I thought a month round up would be easier to digest (and way more achievable for me).

As mentioned throughout this blog, I am very new to writing personally and honesty when it comes to my creativity. So once again, I have taken to just writing, no edits apart from the always needed spell check.

June started out rather panic induced, after preparing for an event such as an exhibition as large as New Designers 2017 is as exciting as it is a leap of trust, in your work and your ability to pull it together. After months of prep and talking endlessly about it, when June hit, so did the realisation that it is actually happening and I need to prepare myself not just my work.

I adore and need the creative outlet of making, it keeps me, me. Yet putting it ‘out there’ is still terrifying, regardless to your craft, discipline or specialism, it is a part of you.

Luckily I had a crash course in putting myself ‘out there’ at the most brilliant event called BLOGTACULAR. Now from the name you would assume this is for all the great and wonderfully wordy bloggers. However it is much more than that, it is a community which nurtures and develops all those who run their creative lives and businesses online. I had the pleasure of working along side the volunteer team but managed to attend the talks and workshops I was intrigued by.

 Image Credit: http://blogtacular.com and http://www.amber-rosephotography.com/

Image Credit: http://blogtacular.com and http://www.amber-rosephotography.com/

Blogtacular is an annual event organised by the great Kat Molesworth (@thatkat). Now I found nothing but inspiration from day ( too many things to list in this round up post) however something which I personally took away from the event and has stayed with me since is how Kat addressed the large audience and carried herself confidently. New Designers was two weeks away at this point and watching her speak and create such a positive atmosphere through her character and use of language really stood out. It was once of those moments where I thought ‘goodness I really hope i can come across like that one day’.

 Image Credit: http://blogtacular.com and http://www.amber-rosephotography.com/

Image Credit: http://blogtacular.com and http://www.amber-rosephotography.com/

I made some wonderful (the word contacts totally banned because they are more than that) friends at the event especially the beautiful Shahira. Check out her blog pretty please, she's great, as is how supportive she has been in the month I have known her.

Taking major inspiration from Blogtacular created such a confidence in me, that was totally need in order to launch my online shop and ESTY. WHICH IS FINALLY HERE! The response has been fab and I could not be happier. The total boost I needed before the big event itself.


As for New Designers, it is safe to say it was an exhausting but creatively affirming experience. I have wrote a little something for the ND blog, so I wont go on and on. I also plan on writing a blog post about the personal developmental aspects of the exhibition. However I will share a little now.

Exhibiting as part of One Year On was a wonderful and eye opening experience. New Designers is known for celebrating emerging creatives and One Year On is completely a product of this nurturing event.

It would be an understatement to say I am very grateful to have been selected.


The main thing I have taken away from both Blogtacular and New Designers 2017, is that I need to immerse myself fully in the creative communities around me. I fully took for granted how energised you feel around other creatives.  At Blogtacular I met real people behind the online profiles I admire, was given great book recommendations and made supportive creative allies. New Designers filled me with creative clarity, I know what I need to do next and how to get there.

 And the first thing on my mammoth to do list, is find studio space.

Until my next rambling,