C R E A T I V E - V A L U E / by coral fowley

Successful artistry required a balance of creative style and evolution. It is incredibly difficult to  explore new themes without losing your voice as an artist.

With social media being such an active part of sharing new work, it is easy to fall into an endless pit of inspiration.

To prevent this, some artists live by a creative manifesto. An artist manifesto is a public declaration of intent. A commitment to your creativity.

I have always found artist manifestos to be so inspiring. I tend to simplify this method a little, rather than a full manifesto I reference 5 core values I strive towards daily.

My Five Creative Values;

graphic coral.jpg

1) Authenticity - My work is an outward reflection of the inner thoughts and feelings. It is an expression. I strive towards creating work which is authentically me.

2) Exploration - I believe creativity is exploration. Striving not for perfection but for continual development.

3) Technical Development - I am committed  to learning new skills within my field. Craft specialisms are often referred to as a ‘practice’. This reflects my approach entirely.  

4) Creative Development - Similar to Technical Development this is  a commitment to learning. However where Technical Development refers to tools, techniques and software, Creative development refers to self evolution and a recognisable style.

5) Research -  Research continues to give my work purpose and impact. It is the main thread holding every project together. For me, research constantly inspires my work to grow within clear boundaries.  

These 5 simple values help me to stay true to my creativity. They encourage me to push myself, yet stay authentic to my craft. No two artists will share the same creative values. They, like us, are individual.