ETSY RoundUP: Cosmic Wishlist

Here are just some of my ‘Space Themed’ ETSY must haves. My personal wish list;

wishlist cf jan18

1)     Full Moon Glow in the Dark Iron On Patch by Luna Lotus UK

I absolutely adore this patch! I have a huge bag which turns into a cave when I am at university. I feel like I am constantly looking in my bag to make sure I have remembered my laptop. Especially with my new one being so much lighter. I would pop this patch on my laptop case (of course also black, clever me) so I can just open my bag to see the glow in the dark moon staring back at me.

2)     A5 PLUTO Notebook by Coral Fowley (ME)

Ah of course I was going to include one of my notebooks. These are all designs I would personally buy and use. I am especially looking forward to Bullet Journal inspiration into my notebooks and research. Nothing better than reflecting upon notes which are beautifully presented.

3)     Galaxy Gel Pens by Itty Bitty Fox

So this is an easy one. I want them all.

4)     Galaxy Washi Tape by Note & Wish

I am someone who takes full advantage of washi tape. I use it mostly to secure post-it notes.

5)     Rainbow Moonstone Ring by GeoMinimalist

This beautiful ring may seem little out of place next to the stationery items on this ‘Round Up’ however I have been toying with the idea owning a moon stone, or some moonstone jewelry for sometime now. Although moonstone, among many other things, is a creativity charm. It is also associated with allowing us to be more receptive to ourselves and encourages balance within. I cant think of anything more beneficial to me as I return to studying.

6)     SPACE Weekly Planner by Coral Fowley (ME again)

Selfishly another one of my products. I actually designed this weekly planner with my own needs and space in mind. I do not have the room for an A3 desk planner, as much as I wish I did. This one fits perfectly on my desk next to my computer and in my diary if I need to rip pages out and take them with me.

7)     Enamel cat astronaut pin by Compoco

Confession, I already own this exact pin. It is currently sat on my coat. It was a lovely gift to celebrate finishing my master’s degree with a distinction. It could not be more perfect.

8)     CIRCLING SATURN - space planet stud earrings by Hello Crumpet

I just think these are the absolute cutest, I especially love the turquoise ones.


As you can see from the vast range of items, I did not limit myself to just stationery goods, but everything and anything which took my fancy and could encourage me to be as organised and creative as possible.

I have linked the all their products above in the description and will link their social media bellow.



Luna Lotus UK - @lunalotusuk

Coral Fowley - @coral_fowley

Itty Bitty Fox - @ittybittyfox

Note and Wish - @noteandwish

GeoMinimalist - @geo.minimalist

Compoco - @compoco_

Hello Crumpet - @hello_crumpet