*First ever blog post alert*

Hello! I am Coral, this is my first ever non-blog-blog-post. (be kind people!)

So, as many of these things start, I will use this first post to introduce myself and why on earth I have decided to do this and why now?

Full disclosure, as much as I adore and follow many blogs myself, this is not a blogging blog. I realise that makes absolutely no sense. This is more of an attempt to create a space which allows (forces) me to engage with other like myself and share what I am doing, in real time.


This is the toughest bit because I have always struggled with what label I attach to my work, but today I am going to go with maker.

I am a maker based in Guildford, England. My background is in textile design, specifically printed textiles. I have a Masters in Textile Design and am heavily involved in the research and practice of print.


My practice involves a range of processes, I always carry around my scruffy, journal like sketchbook. This is where everything happens, from tiny pointless doodles to writing down my thoughts and quotes I must remember. I never tend to draw or write with a particular product or even outcome in mind. That comes later. It would be safe to say, I would be lost without my sketchbook. This may sound like an unhealthy dependency, I guess it is? But to me it is a safe creative place, it is where my hands try and articulate my thoughts, whether in words or motifs.

Something I do not mention enough is how important my research is to my practice. All my design work stems from my slight obsession with how we as humans interpret colour and how this impacts the design world.

Which is really where the idea of this blog came from, I find it a little harder than I should to connect the dots and explain to people what I do with my time. I would like to use this space to share lots of lovely snapshots of my sketchbook, my new work and everything in between. I guess the main purpose of this blog is to live more in what I am doing.

cf blog nd 3.jpg

The last point is very important to me personally and maybe the answer to, why now? My internal monologues deserve a space outside of my head. They deserve to be shared and essentially, developed.

I can feel the rambling starting now, but I promised myself to write how I speak opposed to the academic writing I have forced myself into in recent years, which means little editing, so I do apologise.

Which I feel is a great place to round up this little introduction. I have planned to post weekly, so will try my very best to stick to that.