I N T R O S P E C T I V E / by coral fowley

Introspective marked a milestone in my creative journey; my first solo exhibition. It showcased two years of research and textile exploration. All works on display were visual representations of my creative journey, my artistic evolution from inspiration to understanding.

From sketchbook to exhibition; including original illustrations, textile samples and prints.

This blog post is a brief overview of the exhibition and opening night. 


The above images show the layout of the exhibition. Below are the central pages of the small publication I made for the exhibit. These again illustrate the layout of the exhibit and give a little detail regarding works on display.  


The exhibition, in particular the Private View (as photographed below), allowed me to look at my work with fresh eyes. Learning so much about my own practice and such a boost of confidence. 


The most powerful element of the Private View was witnessing visitors interact with my work. Textiles, to me, is such a sensory experience. Seeing others engage with it was so wonderful. 


Thank you to everyone who came to see my work, I really appreciate your kind words, feedback and support.