C R E A T I V E - R O U T I N E by coral fowley

Creativity and Routine.

I am someone who plans obsessively. I think this derives from a need of routine and ritual. Sundays are my day of regularity. For me they consist of prepping for the week ahead.

I would like to share a little insight to my creative process. It has been a long and tedious journey to find my ‘method’ and to be honest it will continue to be. What you’re never told in any creative endeavour, is that no one can really show you how to design or how to make. They can only share the essential tools to do so.  *Exploration is experimental, as is creativity.*


I learnt early on how I need to document my progression, ideas and exploration. Without a sketchbook I am completely lost.

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My work explores many different areas of study. Working in a sketchbook keeps a thread of consistency to my work, even if I can not see it myself

I am motivated by a need to create a visual response to what I am researching. It allows me to learn with my hands, to explore research in an unconventional but effective way. 

My Creative Cycle.

My creative process is a continuous cycle of exploration, excitement and of course self doubt. 

I use my sketchbook for recording inspirational quotes, my feelings towards them, sketches as well as theory. I see it as a safe place for facts to meet my own words. Sketchbooks are so personal, there is no set way of using them. I tend to write more than most in my sketchbook. My hand writing seems to change completely, it becomes just as important and as visual as the drawing.

I never draw or read with a specific design or product in mind. I just play. There is no science to it, I just draw until something happens. My practice is a hybrid of hand rendered experimentation and digital design. 

I am so connected to my sketchbook as it offers a safe space for design. It allows for mistakes. 

A sketchbook is the place my creativity is born and is an essential part of my creative process.